Level Up Your Digital Course Academy Experience with Elite Coaching and Insider Tactics, directly from the Vaults of our Flagship Program!
Every online business needs two things
1. A Great Product
2. A Reliable System to Sell Said Product on Social Media

If you’re looking to create your online side hustle and don’t have a great product right now, hang tight as I’m going to share with you why that won’t matter in just a moment.

Having your own product is a key to creating true wealth online as you’ll be able to leverage your time way better and make more in the process… ONCE you’ve got your system set up. While Digital Course Academy will help you with the first part and get you set up for the second.

Having a reliable selling system to sell your new or existing products on social media takes time if you don’t know what to do.

Trust me, I spent years figuring this out.

As part of my bonus for Digital Course Academy, you’re going to receive some incredibly powerful tools. You’ll only get access to these if you invest through my link on this page.


& Are Highly Recommending It To YOU

We’ve known Amy for about 9 years now and have seen her phenomenal rise in the online business space. In 2020, when we were already running multi six-figure course business, Morgan (my CEO) & I felt we needed to get an “edge” over our competition if we wanted to hit the 7-figure mark.

Naturally, our first choice was Amy’s Digital Course Academy.

Morgan was just expecting to pick up a few golden nuggets here and there, since we already had a successful course. As she went through DCA, we were blown away with the level of detail and support, definitely getting so much more than just a few nuggets here and there.

Even at our level, there was so much more to learn inside of DCA, and as we implemented everything our revenue almost tripled from $600K to $1.4 million!!

FULL DISCLOSURE Morgan was executing on many things apart from DCA, but it was key in helping make her informed decisions and improving the client experience with all of our programs.

And to be very clear, the majority of our cohort weren’t “advanced” like us. Most were people looking to create a side hustle or looking to switch their current business model (just like you).

So if you’re thinking it’s a super advanced course, let me assure you it’s not the case at all.

Whether you are looking to create an extra stream of revenue or switching from a service-based business to a product-based one, Digital Course Academy will help you get there in the fastest way possible — even if you are just starting out.

Look at it this way, if we were able to make so much more progress while being “advanced”, imagine how much YOU will achieve if you’re just starting the journey.

AND IF YOU INVEST THROUGH MY LINK and claim these bonuses, you’ll be getting an unfair advantage over everyone else who launches their course without knowing how to actually sell it on social media!

But there’s one catch…

Most people who go through DCA end up creating an amazing course… But once they’re done, it hits them:

“Wait-how do I actually sell this thing?!”

Sure, DCA is a solid course, but it’s not comprehensive — it’s not meant to be. After all, it’s a course-creating program… not a marketing and selling program

(Being Instagram™ Experts, and all…)

PROBLEM IS… most other business owners don’t have this.


These puppies will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors when you take your course to market and start selling.

We’ll give you everything you need to start promoting your course on social media, whilst coaching, guiding, and mentoring you every step of the way

(Seriously… you’ll have my expert team — who have helped build multiple 6 figure businesses — guiding you through the entire process of strategizing and executing your social media campaigns!)

IN FACT, When you enroll in DCA through my partner link by joining here on this page, you get $1,969 worth of additional coaching and resources.


PRO Intensive: Get Clients For Your Course With A Winning Instagram Posting Plan

In this live, hands-on workshop experience you will strategize, define, and execute on a posting plan that will help you find and get your dream students for your program.

Inside of a “course creation” program, what’s the #1 difference between someone who struggles to hit 6 figures & someone who breezes past the same in their 1st year?

The ability to get consistent sales from social media.

Your social media strategy can make or break your course launch in today’s world. I’ve seen so many people with amazing courses who struggle to get customers, only because they don’t have a social media game plan to promote their course.

Morgan & I don’t want you to be in a similar situation after completing DCA and so we’ve decided to host you in a PRO level intensive.

In this live, hands-on workshop experience you will strategize, define, and execute on a posting plan that will help you find and get your dream students for your program. 

On that day, you’ll get the same level of coaching and support that only our high-end PRO members receive, there’s no holding back here!

As part of this bonus you’ll get:
  • UNMATCHED INTIMATE COACHING & SUPPORT from Sue B. and Morgan in a live virtual workshop experience, so you never feel stuck while crafting your social strategy to promote your course for the first time.
  • STEP BY STEP RESOURCES so you can apply what you learn immediately and easily repeat the process again and again, even if you are brand new to the strategy. 
  • LIVE Q&A ACCESS so you get all your questions answered in real time and can start to get personalized feedback that you need to confidently move forward with a plan. 


While DCA provides you with the basics of creating and launching your course online, having an expert team like ours at your disposal for the day will help you get a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to getting consistently paid from using social media.

This style of access and support was previously available only to people who paid upwards of $7500k+ each. It will be hosted live on December 1st, after your DCA process has concluded.

A big part of getting consistent sales on social media is choosing the right platform

Today if I wanted to start from scratch and make the most number of course sales possible, I’d choose Instagram™ as my go to platform above everything else. PERIOD.

And if there’s one tactic I’d use to grow rapidly on Instagram™, it would be posting highly engaging Reels™. Now, I know Reels™ can be intimidating especially if you haven’t done a lot of them before. So to help you start producing Reels™ as fast as possible and make more course sales than ever before, I decided to give you access to…



Create 3 Reels™ from Start to Finish alongside Sue B. (no dancing or lip-syncing required)
Inside this video training I’ll be:
  • Showing my exact process for planning, filming, and editing a highly engaging Reel™ so you know exactly what needs to be done
  • Giving button-by-button instructions on how to create your own Reels™, ensuring nothing stops you from getting started
  • Helping you create your first 3 Reels™ so you get unstuck and gain massive momentum before even finishing the video training
  • Checklists and example clips so you can model your Reels™ after them!


After you go through this training…

You’ll be at the cutting edge of using Reels™ to achieve explosive growth on Instagram™ leading to more course sales than you ever dreamed of. Combine this with Bonus #1 and you have an unfair advantage most course creators can only dream of.

At the very core of the launch strategy in Amy’s DCA is the launch of your webinar.

This is going to be the cornerstone of your course launch and we want you to have as many registrants as possible so you make more course sales. While DCA has Amy’s Webinar Fillup Formula, we decided to go a step further and give you access to one of our most popular modules from our $7k coaching program to complement her product.



Growing Your List With Instagram™

In this training, Morgan covers everything you need to know in order to grow your email list during a launch and promote your webinar to get the maximum number of leads possible.

She covers:
  • EXACT POSTING IDEALS for all the InstagramTM neighborhoods — use these during the launch to build your list fast
  • THE 2 PHASES of promoting your webinar or lead magnet to ensure steady leads without burning out your audience… (it’s critical to alternate between both of these, overdo one and you’ll always end up with mediocre results)
  • HOW CREATING BRIDGE CONTENT can help build your list while not coming across as too promotional
  • TONS OF EXAMPLE CLIPS and posts to model your content after — we include this so you can see what a good piece of promotional content looks like in real life


This training will help you fill up your webinar with highly targeted people from Instagram™, and ensure you never have to worry about launching your course in front of an empty house. Nailing this will help you get a consistent stream of leads, which in turn will turn into consistent course sales.

I have a question for you…

If you’ve been on social media for more than a month, I bet you’ve felt like this at least once. Not anymore, because I’ve done most of the work for you inside…



365 Prompts So You Never Go Blank Again While Creating Posts
You’ll find inside:
  • DAILY PROMPTS FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR so you never have to worry about what your next post will be!
  • 3 TYPES OF “POST INTENTIONS” — every post should have a purpose & these will help you understand the WHY behind each one, so you attract your ideal clients every time you post.
  • BEST PRACTICES FOR POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA ensuring you put your best foot forward with every single post
  • 12 TYPES OF POSTS YOU CAN CREATE to ensure your feed has variety, uniqueness and the “X” factor, so your profile feels like a breath of fresh air to anyone on social media.


The Instagram™ posting Stash will help you get a lot more done on social media while spending less time than ever before, so you can focus on your clients and give them the best experience possible.

THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIST of post ideas we have EVER offered, and you can grab it for free when you invest in DCA through our partner link!


For the first 15 people who join through my partner link, I’m also offering a very special Fast Action Bonus!

I’m offering 15 seats at the “How to Reverse Engineer Your Calendar To Double Your Productivity, Even If You Are Overwhelmed or Overbooked.” workshop. This is a workshop Morgan conducts helping business owners like you streamline your workflow, plan all your business activities ahead of time and GET STUFF DONE.

You can have all the information, all the coaching and all the support systems in place, but if you’re not able to get stuff done you’ll never get full advantage of all of these materials

We want you to use everything we have given you to its fullest advantage, and getting a seat at this workshop will ensure you extract maximum value from this bonus package.

Implement everything Morgan shows you in this workshop, and you’ll easily 2x your productivity and results with anything you do in your business.

Morgan’s systems engineering brain is THE main reason why I’ve been able to scale this business to the largest of my entrepreneurial career.

IMPORTANT NOTE The best way to ensure you’re eligible for all these bonuses is to click on my DCA link as soon as you’re ready to purchase. This way you can be absolutely certain you’ll get these bonuses.

Once DCA begins, you will receive an email from us letting you know you’re on our list for receiving these bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Course Academy?

Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and know-how into a digital course which generates consistent revenue for their business.

The program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire course creation journey — from strategy, to planning, to creation, to launching . . .  with no fluff and no stone left unturned.

In a nutshell, DCA teaches students how to make the ultimate shift from struggling to make it rain online, feeling stretched too thin, and feeling uncertain of what they should be doing to creating a profitable asset in their business — a digital course they can launch over and over again.

Will it work for me?

Look, I can’t categorically promise DCA will work for you or that I can help transform your business – it’s something only you have control over.

What I can promise is – Digital Course Academy will give you everything you need to create and launch your digital course.

My bonuses will help you get consistent sales from social for the course you’ll create in DCA.

Together we will show you the exact steps you need to take to go from beginner to 6 figure course creator, regardless of where you currently are in your online journey.

If you follow everything to the T, and commit to putting in the work, there’s no reason why you can’t be our next success story.

Why are you a DCA partner?

I had my CEO Morgan join DCA rather late – when we already had a multi six figure course business.

Yet, we managed to grow our revenue from $600k to $1.4 million in just one year, and Morgan credits a large part of the growth to the stuff we learned in DCA.

I genuinely feel if I had something like DCA when I was starting out, we would have hit the 7 figure mark wayyyy earlier.

We don’t want people like you to go through the pain of figuring everything out yourself, and hence I decided I would partner with Amy to bring this course to as many deserving business owners as possible.

When I purchase DCA with you, do I still get Amy’s bonuses?

Yes! Your purchase of Digital Course Academy through this page will put you on my list of students. As long as you click on one of the buttons on this page, you’ll receive BOTH my bonuses and Amy’s. Pretty sweet, huh?

When are your bonuses released?

DCA starts on September 19th. I continuously release bonuses at strategic times in the program, to ensure you never get information overload.

As one of the first 15 sign ups you’ll have an exclusive invite to the Reverse Engineering Your Calendar Workshop with Morgan. It will take place on September 19th at 12pm EST / 9am PST and will set the tone for your DCA adventure. Morgan is my co-founder and CEO with a Masters in Engineering Management. Her partnership is one of the biggest reasons why this business is my most successful business in my 30 year entrepreneurial career!

As for Bonus #1, we will be hosting the PRO Intensive on December 1st at 10am EST.

It’s right after DCA ends, so you’ll be in the best position to get clients for your course with a winning Instagram™ posting plan.

How do I pay? Is there a payment plan?

Amy accepts all common credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

There are 2 price options:

• Option 1: Full Pay = $1,997
• Option 2: 6-Pay = $387/month ($2,322 Total)

I’m having difficulty registering, who can help me?

If you encounter any trouble at all while registering, Amy’s team is the best in the business.If you have difficulty registering, contact Amy’s team at support@amyporterfield.com.

(However, if you have questions about any of my bonuses, contact me and my team at customercare@suebzimmerman.com.)

I’m enrolled! What happens next?

Once your purchase is complete you’ll be sent your details about the program from Amy’s team.

Take the opportunity to set yourself up for success by blocking out time to actually do the work.

Modules will start on September 19th and you should plan on around 3-5 hours a week to work through the material, depending on how developed your business currently is.

In A Nutshell

Sue B. Zimmerman’s DCA Bonus Bundle includes:
In short, this bonus package (total value: $1,969) contains everything you need to solve the #1 problem most course creators face:

Getting consistent sales from social media.

Remember all of this is available for free ONLY IF you choose to invest in Amy Porterfield Digital Course Academy before September 15th at 4 pm PST.

To get access, click the button below and you’ll be taken to Amy’s website. All you have to do is click the buy button on her page and complete your investment today. You’ll receive an email from Amy granting you access to DCA. As you progress through her course, you’ll receive access to my bonuses one by one.

See you on the inside!